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The story of life is told by everyday events, the plans we make, and the things that we do as well as all the days of accomplishments that make life's dreams come true.

Chldren are the invaluable wealth of our nation. They require adequate attention, care, protection guidance and value based education to make them develop into self-guiding individuals. Here the role of education is not only to impart the skills of languages or any subject in the course of development, but education which helps them to develop into competent and strong individuals for humanity also. “Nalanda Modern Public School”, blends the opportunities and options of the premier school with the intimate, caring and dynamic environment.

Each one of you has the potential to excel! You can make each day of your life a masterpiece by current decision and discipline, the two sides of the same coin — Goal setting and Gold getting. Efforts have been made to incorporate pearls of wisdom and 'facts of knowledge' for daily pondering.

Just as a candle lightens up a dark night, so does a teacher opens the minds of her / his students to the light of knowledge. The foundation for national integration are laid here in this humble in nondescript classroom. School has undertaken new expansion plans and innovative techniques of teaching for the overall development of the learners. Attention to minute details not only in the day to day running but also in charting out the year long activities of the school remains a priority. The school children's participation at National level is the example of the same strategy.

Every member of Nalanda Modern Public School family takes flight like the little doves to meet the challenges of the world.

“All the best”
Ms. Deepika Kaushik
(Vice Principal)
Nalanda Modern Public School
Burari, Delhi